Summer Like at Ego Beach!

Well, not quite for water temps; however, the air temp and wave size was on par with typical summer conditions. Yesterday, south winds ramped up into the mid to upper 20s with gusts well into the 30s. By sunset, winds were howling in the mid 30s! The air temps were in the low 70s and the drive down to Avon was interesting around Oregon Inlet as heavy fog settled in over the cold water. All of Pea Island was blanketed in fog. Upon reaching Rodanthe/Salvo, the fog lifted and it was clear into Avon and ultimately Ego Beach.

I arrived around 2:30pm and was greeted with sunny skies and blowing sand. Andy M, Stewart, Caleb, and Billy were already on the water as I drove up to the spot on the beach. Sail sizes ranged from low 5.0s down to 4.6m. I rigged 4.7m and was well juiced most of the time. Conditions were mid-summer easy waist to chest high surf. Not too bad for the "green" wavesailors who were out there such as myself.

Here is the video which shows it better than words: