Just South of Oregon Inlet

Andy ahead of the soupToday south winds pushed into the upper teens with gusts to the mid 20 mph range. It was a little light, especially on the inside, but the waves were small making it easy to slog out. A decent south swell was on tap, and the set waves ranged in the waist to occasional chest high range. Typical mid-summer type setup, except for the icy 48 degree water temp. All in all though, there were a few fun wave hits, and two FWD loop splats for me on the outside when the occasional gust filled the sail producing a solid powered ride. Billy, Caleb, Andy, Stewart, and I enjoyed the slog fest in the 70 degree air. Sail sizes ranged in the low 5.0m range. I have over 60 minutes of video to work though from today. Stay tuned for release later this week.

More photos:

Andy about to make a hit

A shot from high up on the dune

Framed between the dunes (click image to see in high resolution)

Parked along Rt12 on Pea Island just south of Oregon Inlet. Fun spot on S wind

A brand new 2008 5.3m Maui Sails Legend!