Welcome Springtime on the OBX!!

fresh 3.7 Legend ready for some wind!Today on the OBX, we were blasted with 40+ mph winds all afternoon! I was able to take the new 2008 3.7m Legend out for a wild ride in the wind swell off Jockey's Ridge. The day began with heavy rain, and some thunder boomers. I did not get on the road until about 10:30am. Winds at that time were gusting in the mid to upper 30s, and I drove to Coquina Beach to meet Billy E for a session. The strong south wind produced perfect side-off conditions at Coquina, and the surf was moderate size, and building... Late day surf at Loggerhead St in Nags Head cleaned by 40 mph straight offshore wind!We waited out a few rain squalls, and by 12:15pm were rigging up. I rigged 5.3m since the wind dropped after the rain ended, and Billy barely made it out on a 4.6m. It was quite difficult to get out due to current, no wind in the zone, and heavy wetsuits. After being denied the first time, I finally made it out, and caught a number of fun waves, as conditions continued to build. What wrapped it for me was getting caught back in the inside after washing in the soup. With no power in the sail, and a balancing act while working over one head high+ wave after another, my arms were spent and I had one more wave before coming into the beach. The wind later increased, but with conditions getting pretty big, and water remaining cold (not enticing for a long possible swim), we decided to hang it up at Coquina.

Sound water coming over Soundside Drive near Jockey's RidgeDriving back to Nags Head, the skies began the clear, and the wind increased. Billy and I checked Jockey's Ridge, and the sound was all whitewater. Perfect for some high wind craziness! I rigged my new 3.7 Legend, and was quite overpowered for most of the session as winds averaged in the mid 40s with gusts to mid 50s! Pretty crazy out there, yet fun!! Water temp in the sound was easily in the 60+ degree range and felt rather balmy. I sailed for about 3 hrs, and the last hour was fairly comfortable 3.7m wind.

All in all, what a day to welcome Spring time to the OBX!

Check out the video of the day: