Couple of BIG SW Wind Days!

SW has been raging across the OBX with plenty of time for 3.7m sails! Both today and this past Sunday experienced mirror gale force SW wind, sunny skies, and storm clouds remaining to the west. The only drawback was the lack of sizable surf, but with all the wind, and the outside sand bar at the Point, there were plenty of jumps and loops amongst the heavy chop both on the inside and outside. The only relatively smooth water was found in the wave zone! Jim, Keith, and I hit it both days, while today we were joined by Dan, Caleb, Olaf, Roland, and Roland's friend. Small sails, small waves, and big jumps!

UPDATE: 5/22/2008
A few photos shot by "windsurfing" Wendy from Tuesday at the Point:

Visiting from Switzerland, Wendy and Roland's friend Martin hanging upside down!

Olaf P throwing some cutback spray!

Bill B mid-loop with Keith M working backside on the wave!

Today, I also finished off the day with a quick session at Ego Beach. After bumping around in the chop at the Point, I found some smooth inside waves at Ego which were quite fun! Plenty of power on the inside since the wind was so strong! Lots of smooth bottom turns and top cutbacks on the south swell peelers! I sailed solo until the storm weather finally approached around 5:30pm.

All in all, a fun couple of very windy SW days!

Here is the video shot Sunday. Basically, the same video showcases conditions today as well. Only difference was that today there were more sailors on the water, and no hiking fisherman (you will get this reference after watching the video). Enjoy!