Hanna Windsurfing, Day Two

Again today, TS Hanna offered up more windsurfing fuel for our fires out in Hatteras waters! The morning started similar to yesterday with rain; however, the sun broke out mid-day and lasted though sunset. HARD SSW/SW wind raged in the upper 30s with gusts well into the mid 40s! The action was at Canadian Hole where mid 3.0m range sails were the call, and plenty of overpowered gusts were available to contend with. We experienced many "unhook and sheet out" moments ripping around in the sound. By 5:00pm the winds began to subside, and it was time to check the ocean for some wavesailing. Ego Beach looked a little harsh with mast high outside waves, ripping current, and pounding shorebreak.

We decided to check LifeGuard Beach in Buxton, and there found excellent conditions! The set waves were breaking well over head high, but the shore break was tame. The only obstacle was the "wall" at the main sand bar where 8+ ft barrels were breaking hard top to bottom. It was a timing/balance game to make it though to the outside. Once out, there were some exciting wave rides! Congratulations to George M who made it out in the challenging conditions! After a few denials, he finally caught a clearing and made it past the wall. It was a great first for him to take on some challenging Hatteras surf, and an excellent primer for Hatteras Wave Fest.

Check out George's latest post on Live2Sail for some excellent photos from today's action, including some shots of my inaugural ride on the 2009 MauiSails Legend. The quiver arrived this week, which was perfect timing for Hanna, though I should have picked them up yesterday for the epic Cove wavesailing we experienced! Its September though, and there will be more waves to come!!