INTENSE Action at Jockey's Ridge!

Though, where was everybody, at least those windsurfers in and around Nags Head?! JRidge served up the best high wind bump and jump conditions, arguably on the US East Coast, and I was solo out there! West to NW 35+ mph wind produces an incredible fetch which breaks in a narrow area where deep water becomes quite shallow. Some of the best bump and jump rollers found on the OBX happen just off Jockey's Ridge!

Conditions were overpowered 4.2m WNW wind gusting into the mid-40 mph range during the short window when I was out. Sunny skies generally prevailed bumping and looping in the sizable soundside swell. Very fun conditions, though pretty intense for the casual sailor. Definitely could have been on my 3.7m, but decided on the 4.2m for a little "extra strength" action!

Here's the GoPro Wide Angle video report (head strap mount)!