Punta San Carlos, Day Four

The wind in PSC continues to evade us as we had another day of non-planing conditions yesterday. Though, we did have a fun NW swell hit which provided light air wavesailing at the east end of Beach Break near the Chili Bowl point. This trip, I am definitely getting plenty of experience wavesailing a SUP. Its fun to drive the "tank" though the wave zone and hit the lip! Granted, I would much rather be on a 76ltr wave stick, but the big Quatro SUP remains fun, especially in the warm water we have here now at PSC.

Earlier, Neil and Rodney flew their WindWarrior gliders up on the ridge about a mile from camp. We hiked up to watch, and it was a nice scenic walk up to the ridge overlooking the camp area. Included are some photos from the hike: