A Repeat of the 2005 Outer Banks Surf Season?!

The latest tropical weather forecast for 2010 signals an extremely active season this year! A record number of named storms is forecast, and if we see conditions similar to the summer of 2005, literally we had perfect, near epic Hatteras surf every day! I began this blog in 2006; however, if I had it active in 2005, there would have been nearly daily posts of epic surf experienced throughout that Summer/Fall of that year. Of course, 2005 was the year of H Katrina and we do not wish landfall for any major hurricanes; however, when they remain safely out in the Atlantic and only provide long period swell..., that is what we wish for.

This year, if the forecast rings true, the odds of a major storm landfall is high given the shear numbers predicted along with the well know paths. Of course this is reason for caution along all coastal areas of the US and central Atlantic islands; though also optimism for the surfing and wavesailing community for a stellar 2010 wave conveyor season!

Here are a few posts over the past years referencing conditions in 2005:
- Waiting for the Next Big Day (wavesailing the swell from Katrina)
- Its Been a Windless August (flashback to the surf of 2005)

Be safe and smart out there!