RedBull Storm Chase Elevated Alert for Hatteras!

UPDATE:  Just received email that the RBSC will NOT be coming to Hatteras or US East Coast for Sandy.  Their logistics manager called off the Chase for the US east coast due to timing concerns with getting everyone to Avon before Pea Island potentially washes out.  Bummer! Will have to keep watch for the next Fall Hatteras storm?!

TS/H Sandy is heading our way and the forecast is ripe for big wind and surf beginning this coming weekend and lasting though most of next week!  The RedBull Storm Chase has Hatteras as an Alert Destination, and we are now "elevated," likely to see the RBSC crew coming in to catch classic Hatteras fall storm conditions?!

Wind-NC Andy and I have been in direct contact with RBSC organizers and those guys are getting ready to pull the trigger for the first storm chase!
Stay tuned!