Poll Results and an Aerial Tour of Jockey's Ridge

Poll Results:
When are you coming to visit?
April: 14 votes (39%)

I live here!: 6 votes (17%)
Other: 4 votes (11%)
May and June tied with 3 votes each
Honorable Mention: Other - "every freakin' windy day!"

April, as always, is the popular month for spring windsurfing on the OBX. Its a great time for wind but wetsuits are usually still required. April is best summed up in one word: "Everything!" Basically, bring everything since it could be cold, warm, windy, calm, rainy, sunny, big surf, flat, etc...the only consistency is that it is warmer than March or February, and there is always WindFest! As for wind, it is usually pretty windy with a range spanning one extreme to the other. Bring the 3.2m as well as the 7.0m.
By June we usually see the consistent near daily SW afternoon thermals in the 20 to 25mph range, no full-suits, warm air, and moderate to small surf. June though Sept is usually when I wear out my 5.3m!

Who knows though?! Given our windy and "warm" winter, hopefully it will carry into April, and on to June - summer! It would be great if my 4.7m could get as much water time as the 5.3m this year!

An Aerial Tour of Jockey's Ridge
Back by popular demand, another aerial flight..this time over Jockey's Ridge. Its a high altitude view from the north end of the state park. Enjoy!


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you like my comment, nice!
You can get ip addresses on your traffic?

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Yea, most stats programs report via IP address of visitors. If you click on the globe at the bottom of the right column, you can see visitor traffic. Its interesting data, but yea, most web sites you visit know to a certain extent who you are, at least regionally/city where you came from, time of visit, computer OS, browser info, etc... Even keyword searches are captured and associated with IP. In today's internet surfing, where you land is usually known by someone?!


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