Wet and Windy Sunday

The large storm system that ravaged the central US rolled across the OBX today. Heavy rain poured down all day and there were only short periods of time when you could step outside and remain dry. The wind blasted from the south with gusts over 50mph! The average hovered around 30mph; however, with the heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area, windsurfing was not an enticing option. During an afternoon break in the rain, I decided to check out the Boiler and met the wave crew there. Conditions were clean head high surf and strong south winds. The area was surrounded by dark gray skies but at least it was dry when we first arrived. Dan and I began rigging, and I choose the 4.2m. I had the sail downhauled and was about the attach the booms when a loud clap of thunder roared and lighting was spotted NW of our location. I checked IWS radar/sat readings from my phone and saw that a huge band of nasty stuff was coming our way. After a quick derig, I repacked the 4runner and we all waited in our vehicles. The weather hit us hard with blinding rain, gale force wind and ominous skies. We decided to wait it out since the radar displayed clearing skies approaching, though we continued to be pounded by the rain and wind. We waited about an hour for conditions to improve, but eventually some of the wave crew departed the Boiler.

I too headed north around 4:45pm since the clearing appeared to be happening there sooner than southern locations. When I reached Nags Head around 5:00pm, the sun broke out. I checked conditions at the Foam House and it looked phenomenal. Clean south swell in the solid chest to head high range. Side offshore winds blowing 25+ mph. I was ready to go, but I had to get back home since my sailing time window was closed for the day. Lauren and I planned to attend a birthday party for a friend of ours and it was an early evening event. It was definitely a "Missed It" for me, but only for the last two hours before sunset. After an entire day of nasty weather, it finally broke to perfect conditions! Some of the crew successfully caught it since I did receive calls while I was at the party.

Too bad this day did not occur on a weekday, since then I would be reporting about a perfect "after work" sunset session!

Sorry no photos, when I attempted to take a few shots, my camera batteries were dead. I forgot to change them out before I left for the Boiler!


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