NE Windy Weekend...Waves Too!

click to enlarge - Keith on a wave with young and old spectators in viewThis weekend the OBX was blanketed with strong NE winds, and a nice wave generating swell. Both Saturday and Sunday experienced identical conditions. Cool NE 25+ mph winds, warm water, and surf hovering in the chest to overhead high range. Old Lighthouse/Buxton Beach was the call, and all watersport activity was found there including windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. At times it was quite crowded on the water, especially when weaving in between the paddling surfers. Luckily, no contact between anyone, and the spectators on the beach were loving it!

Down the line wavesailing is difficult at the Lighthouse due to the wind direction, wave setup (forcing the need to open the sail significantly at cutback), and light inside wind. However, we all had a fun time in the surf since there has not been waves of that caliber on the OBX since TS Barry. Conditions were a rare July two day weekend treat.

Stay tuned for the video coming soon. I have over 3 hours of footage which I am working though, so I should have it posted later this week. The video will include both GoPro and beach side footage from the two day event.

Here are some additional photos from today:
Photographer: Jim Myers
Photographed Sailors: Billy E(Naish), Keith M(Simmer), Dan R(Aerotech), and Bill B(Maui Sails)
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At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Photo's Sailed Ego Beach with Norm that afternoon. Same size wave bit breaking less consistanly. Zero Crowd. Played like a PlowBoarder and downwinded to the Lighthouse later in the afternoon every one was gone but Keith, Billy and a dozen TeaBaggers. Had another uncrowded session on Sunday with Ligthstick Will. Sailed the Islet, it was fairly offshore, sets were about 5 minutes apart but when they came through they were clean and long. Looking forward to the video as I'm back in Reston this morning wishing I still down there.

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles- Let it go buddy. Why can't everyone get along? Having fun is what it's all about. This kind of talk is exactly what I used to hear from surfers when I started windsufing. Funny how this stuff keeps cropping up.


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh , heh - teabaggers - it's all in fun James. I mean this is Hatteras where windsurfing is dead according to Real doncha know.

Also , nice blog Bill , hope to sail with you guys one day soon.



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