It Gets Dark Too Early?!

Today is a perfect example of how winter windsurfing and SW winds often do not add up! We have seen this happen a few times already, and it will likely happen again through the course of winter. The forecast called for an afternoon of warm sailable SW wind. All models were showing red and 25mph winds by afternoon. As 3:00pm approached, winds hovered in the low to mid teens, but nothing over 20mph. By 5:00pm Waves reported averages near 20mph with gusts to 25. By 6:30pm solid mid 20s! If summer-time, we would have been on the water until near or after 9:00pm as the sun sets. However, this time of year, a setting sun before 5:00pm is painful. Especially with warm air temps and waves on tap, as was the case today!

Well, all eyes are on the weekend. Looks like a two day windfest hopefully setting up?! The models look good for some warm windy conditions before "Old Man Winter" hits the OBX!


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