Windsurfing Bad Habits / Today's Report

What not to do while looping, though luckily for me, this scenario is not habitualEvery once in a while bad habits arise related to a particular aspect of our windsurfing experience. Whether it is sheeting out in a jibe, extending both legs during a jump, or pulling in the front arm during almost any move...if you get stuck in the bad habit, it can be difficult to break. For a long time, I have been in the habit of pulling in the rig while jumping. For a high rocketing jump with a trimmed sail, this is ok; however, attempting most aerial tricks, an unextended front arm is usually not a good thing to do. I have been dealing with this lately while attempting FWD loops. Basically, by pulling in the front arm, the rotation is completely driven by body roll as compared to wind in the sail. This causes a slow rotation, and usually a back splat. Nearly all of my loop attempts this year have been slow and splatty. Its not hard to extend the front arm to get the rig forward, its just the "habit" of pulling in instead of "extending."
Surprisingly this winter, there have been many practice sessions to break the habit. I have been able to extend the forward arm and feel correct rotation, but not with the consistency of last summer. Well, at least while encased in 5/4mm rubber, back splats do not feel too bad. Though, I have to break this habit before summer when "trunks only" is the call!

Today's report is summed up in one word... "Cold!" Not so much the water as compared to the air. I actually broke down and purchased a cap to retain some additional body heat in the sub-50 degree air. Andy, Stewart, and I enjoyed an "interesting" session at the Cove side of Cape Point. Winds were NNE in the 25+mph range. The set up at the Point was a wrapping small wave that broke into the Cove. The wind direction set up straight offshore conditions, and running parallel to the surf frontside was a different experience. The launch was side parallel to the waves, so it was not difficult, but kind of "weird," in that you were launching straight out, but the waves were coming in near perpendicular from the left. There were a couple of nice front side wave aerials, and FWD loop attempts; however, next time the Lighthouse will likely be the call for a similar direction unless there is a decent size swell wrapping in. Check out some of the photo action on Andy's blog.

2008 Windsurfing Goal Poll Results
Commit to a FWD Loop is the number one goal voted. Its a great goal and surprisingly easy to overcome, once that first real commitment is made! Perhaps in June?!
Second is to complete a planing jibe. It can take quite a long time to nail those perfect jibes with consistency, but once there its quite an awesome feeling!
Honorable mention, well I have two:
1) "Learn to kiteboard"
2) "Kick my ass!" (I like this one... bring it on, donkey! ;) )


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill who you kiddn? you couldnt beat up a wet noodle...but dont worry I got your back.

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isnt windsurfing by nature one big bad habit?

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the photo.

Pulling in the front arm is usually the same as extending the rear arm, ie sheeting out. For myself I know I sometimes pull in my front arm when jumping because I'm...scared!


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