2007 Maui Sails Legends for Sale

2007 Maui Sails Legends for sale (click image to view high resolution)UPDATE 5-15-08: The sails were sold.

I have two sails from my Maui Sails quiver for sale.

2007 Maui Sails Legend
4.7m, 5.3m

The 4.7m has been repaired and includes a new clew, main window, and reinforced x-ply. The repair was done by Avon Sailhouse and the work is exceptional! The 5.3m is in good shape overall; however, there are some monofilm scratches on the main window due to harness line and boom arm rub, along with some creases from regular wear (the 5.3m is my most used sail). The panel should probably be replaced, and Avon Sailhouse could easily complete this job (they replaced the panel in my 4.2m and it is like brand new!).

Prices for the sails:
4.7m: $175.00
5.3m: $125.00 as is, or $225 w/window replacement

Take both sails for $290, or $380 (5.3m new window)

Also, I have 2004 Simmer X-Flex sails for sale.

If you are interested in any of the sails, and planning an OBX visit this Spring, feel free to contact me via email to set up an on the water trial.

Additional photos of the 2007 Legends:

4.7m with rebuilt clew and new main panel window (click image to view high resolution)

5.3m with original main panel window (click image to view high resolution)


At 6:39 PM, Blogger badneck said...

anythang good from the vid yesterday?????

At 6:43 PM, Blogger Bill said...

working though it. There are a few nice hits in there, and I did see your "wave of the day!"
Perhaps I may be able to post something later tonight, or tomorrow night?!

At 10:37 PM, Blogger benjaminpink said...

do you still have the 4.7 legend for sale? Would you be willing to ship it ?
please reply to benjaminpink@gmail.com


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