BIG Clean Surf Today!

some vacationers enjoying the sightsIts been feast or famine in the OBX wave department so far this year. Either huge surf or small stuff, nothing in between! Today, was one of those huge days! I anticipated that it was going to be big given the hard N wind since Sunday and the energy offshore, along with the overnight shift to strong side to offshore winds. However, I did not expect it to be as big as it was today. This morning, when I saw traffic and Mirlo flooded on the Rodanthe S-Turns Cam; I knew something on the oceanside was up. Mirlo, at the north end of Rodanthe, is susceptible to flooding during times of high tide and onshore conditions, but offshore...must mean big waves! Sure enough, it was easily topping 15ft on the sets. Super clean walls and heavy pitches, at the spot where the big ones broke, shot long walls of whitewater skyward. It was some sight; however, I did not see anyone on it. Too bad these photos do not provide better perspective...but if someone was out there, they would look quite tiny in front of the looming set wave face. I am sure that there were surfers out somewhere; but at Enterprise/Loggerhead, there were none when I was there. Tony V reported that he had a solo surf sesh this morning, and after a tough paddle to about 200ft past the end of Nags Head Pier, he was able to catch a few shoulders, as well as get pummeled a few times! Keep an eye out on surfKDH.com since if anyone was out, it will be documented there. Perhaps Tow-In today?
click to enlarge - high res
One of the sets rolling in

As for windsurfing, I remained in Nags Head and caught another loop sesh at Jockey's Ridge. 4.2m was the call, and the ramps were perfect. Even had a few delayed FWDs off some of the bigger jumps! I have been mentally prepping myself to try delayed FWDs for a few weeks now. Best source are the Continent Seven videos for studying moves and "seeing" what to do. Basically, the delayed FWD actually feel quite nice, as long as you hold on and do not let go of the booms! There was one other out-of-town windsurfer with me at Jockey's Ridge. Some of you coming down this Spring should check JRidge (the WindMap) for fun soundside bump and jump! The bottom around JRidge goes abruptly from shallow to overhead providing breaking waves and large outside swells on gale force days. I am usually there if the ocean is out of control, the winds are 4.2m and down, or I can only get away for an "extended" lunch break.


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