February Wrap Up

February report, though a lame calendarWinter on the OBX has been full of windsurfing this year! I had 5 days of sailing (4.7m and down), and few "Missed Its." According to Andy's Lost in Hatteras blog, he and Stewart were on the water nearly every day of the month! Billy E was also a regular in Feb for the south side sessions! There has definitely been plenty of wind and the only factor was the cold water temps. 45 degree water is tough, but when it pops above 50 degrees, its not too bad! On the south facing beaches, Andy and Stewart caught it during the fairly frequent west wind sessions. All in all, a great month for OBX winter windsurfing! Hopefully March will continue the flow! Next week, we get an extra hour of daylight too!
Note, my calendar for 2008 is pretty lame, and I was thinking... wouldn't all the great photography from OBX windsurfing in 2007 been perfect fodder for a 2008 calendar. Perhaps next year?!


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Great idea with the calendar!

I have been absolutely loving winter down here. I can't believe I let everyone scare me off for so many years! Here's to many more!!!


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