Hatteras Loop Fest LoopOff Trophies

The 2008 LoopOff Trophies!The 2008 Hatteras Loop Fest LoopOff trophies arrived today! We have five categories to award for the event which begins one week from today (June 20-22). The LoopOff will feature accomplished loopers competing for the various titles, along with exposure in video and photography. The action will be documented both on/in-the-water and beach side. It will be an aerial spinning windsurfing extravaganza! Forward, back, push, wave360, etc...if the rig and rider goes for a spin, its game for the LoopOff! Following the event, an awards celebration will be hosted by OceanAir.

If you can spin around in the air or on the wave, and have not registered yet, sign up today! Receive a FREE t-shirt too!


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