Well, to Be Somewhere Else...

Today is literally one of those really crappy days weather-wise. Its raining, fairly cold, and quite miserable outside. The WindGuru outlook does not look too promising, except for cold. Its winter time, and the OBX is definitely not a winter-time destination, though at least there is no ice/snow forming on our rigs, yet?! Days like today do not find much to do other than wish you were somewhere else. Given the blog rounds, its easy to see why it would be nice to be on Maui right now. Makani's latest GoPro video, GP's action out there, or KP's latest reports really take us there, especially this time of year. Warm weather, water, and sunshine look quite inviting. Congrats to Andy who will be heading out there during the beginning of March to hit the Tabou line!

I will be holding down the fort locally this year as I did last year. Lauren scored with her Costa Rica all women's surf trip last winter. Perhaps, winter 2010 will take me somewhere?!

As for today, its one day closer to late May/June where at that time here on the OBX, I would not want to be anywhere else.