Mirlo Inlet, and South Ocracoke Wavesailing!

We basically have a new Inlet which has formed at the north end of Rodanthe. Unfortunately, a housing sub-division located there has blocked the natural formation of this inlet to transpire and run its course to the sound. Soon however, decisions will need to be made in how to "connect" Hatteras Island villages to the northern OBX. Beyond the Oregon Inlet Bridge issues, ocean overwash and new inlet formation is on our doorsteps.

Mirlo Beach this afternoon around 3:30pm. Good luck to all those attempting to vacate Hatteras Island including Emmanuel and Dimitri! Grab a Cutch Tuna Burger at Hot Tuna! I don't think you will be going anywhere for a while...
photo: Dare County Web Cam

A victim of the housing collapse of a different sort...the wrath of the Atlantic Ocean this weekend!
photograhper: Edas Zemaitis

On the windsurfing side, some shots from the Southside of Ocracoke yesterday. The only place that seemed to be working oceanside during the gale N wind! Looked like quite an adventure for all who made it down there.
photograhper: Donald Obst


At 3:23 PM, Blogger George Markopoulos said...

Amazing, great Pictures. I see the Ride Hatteras crew and Caleb. Where is Keith?

Looks like I definatley made the right call staying up here this past weekend, or else I still be stranded down there!

Epic weekend, one the of the best of the year up here on the Delmarva!

At 4:37 PM, Blogger Outdrsmn said...

Nature gives then she takes away.

I do hope some action is taken soon to remedy the access issue that will inevitably isolate the Island. The structres I can do without. The access to heaven on earth I can not.

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

keith was at home taking a nap.. remember he's over 40 now:-))


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